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Everyone has certain aspects of their homes that they would alter if they could find a cost-effective and convenient way. As our lives, families and incomes change, it is not uncommon for people to start considering larger living spaces. However, while people often believe that moving to a larger home is the answer, they tend to forget that moving is a stressful and long process that can be expensive. If it is just one certain room you want to enlarge, there is no reason to move to an entirely new home.
Modular offers an answer for people looking to increase their living spaces and square footage in the most convenient way possible. By selecting Modular for your home project, you can increase the size of certain areas of your home without disrupting the rest of your property. For example, many people select Modular for their living room or bedroom additions. You can expand any bedroom in your home and create entirely new home arrangement possibilities. Many people are starting to work from home rather than travel to a place of employment. Modular can help transform your guest bedroom into a larger home office. We supply numerous possibilities in terms of interior finishes and can work with you to help you get the room of your dreams.
All additions are fabricated off site, meaning up to sixty percent of all construction is happening away from the home. You can remain in your home throughout the process and are spared the inconvenience of the noise and dust that generally comes with renovations. By constructing the addition away from your property, you can save up to thirty percent of what you would spend by constructing an addition using more traditional methods.
Modular truly sets out to make your construction experience as stress-free as possible. By using highly advanced software, Modular can provide an accurate estimate for your bedroom addition to ensure that there are no hidden charges. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand your budget as well as your vision regarding design. We aim to provide our clients with a "one stop” shopping experience. This means we will obtain all the permits, arrange financing, provide detailed estimates and make sure you get the addition you want well within your budget. All designs and finishes can be selected from the comfort of our showroom. Selecting your finishes before the construction is the best way to ensure Modular can give you exactly what you want.
Modular offers their customers a special warranty program combined with an after sale customer service guarantee in order to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new bedroom addition. Our additions are strong and durable and provide an outstanding option for home renovation. We can work throughout the year and are ready whenever you are to help you with your home project. Call Modular to get your accurate estimate today.  
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